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I lost a lot of weight recently. I start to put on make up. And I see people who never bother to look at me start to stare when I walk past them. people who never care about me start to talk about how beautiful I am. Well yes one of the reason I change is so that I can got a boyfriend cause honestly I want to get married soon. But I'm scared if the guys who approach me will only care for looks and be dissappointed when I can't keep my appearance in the future. I hope I can meet a good man who love me for what I really am inside. I honestly never been in a relationship this past 20 years and it kinda made me anxious.

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  • Men do care for personality. I'm pretty good looking and attract a lot of guys based on that fact, but I'm also a fuck ingredients asshole, so they leave after 3 days. Personality matters more than looks. Which is why I don't try to grow one, my plan for the future just entails a nice house and a lot of cats and dogs. All the best to you!

  • let me stop you, you walking pile of shit wrapped in glitter. when you were overweight you were not beautiful, you were a walking liability. you were unhealthy. men and women are genetically and instinctually predisposed to look for healthy mates. you were fat so the men that didn't look at you did not see you as a viable mate. you lost weight and are healthy, you're more capable of bearing children without complications. we need feminism because it gives women like you the excuse to say dumb shit.

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