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I recently broke up with my girlfriend - well, she broke up with me. The break up didn't affect me, however her reasons did. She told me that I had made her feel uncomfortable, and that she had realised that she had never loved me at all, contare to her first beliefs. Because I had no one to talk about it to, I went to my best friend . . . Who told my girlfriend w very thing I said in attempts to "fix things". I know my best friend was trying to help, and it's my fault anyway for telling her in the first place, but now I've got absolutely no one I can talk to about this, and my girlfriend is texting me. I'm trying to fix this myself, but the only way that's working is if I take the blame for everything when there's things that my girlfriend has done as well. I also have depression, and once upon a time, my girlfriend was the only one I could talk to. Now, yet again, I've got nobody. The stress of it all is crushing me and I don't know what to do anymore

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  • Thank you

  • Your friend doesn't sound like much of a friend at all. And your ex sounds like a jerk. Honestly I'd say just move on and forget about her, but I know that can be hard.

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