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I have an eating disorder. A lot of people already suspect that I've got one. But they still have no idea. They think I must be anorexic, because I am very thin, almost underweight, and complain about how my belly got fat over last week a lot. But I am actually a binge eater. I am addicted to sugar - my thin body is just my genetics. I don't complain about my belly because I think I'm too fat, I complain because I know it came from the 40 chocolate bars I promised myself not to eat - but failed.

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  • You should try a different doctor.

  • Your beautiful just the way you are. But you do have a serious problem on your hands. People who binge, yeah they get skinner, but it comes with side affects. Did you now that if your not getting the right amount of nutrients for the body that it pretty much makes things decay? Your finger nails will grow weak and shrivel. Your hair will because weak and frail. Your skin will dry up. Your teeth with detiriate. Plus a ton more. This is a problem. If those theorpist don't believe you then go to a doctor. This is not healthy and they shouldn't have turned you away. Why would you be here if you weren't perfect? You're alive to live. So live your life the good way. It doesn't matter if your short, big, thin, tall. You're beautiful. So please, seek medical attention. Get help. Eat the right foods and let yourself take on nutrients. Again seek medical help. Good luck.

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