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3 days without smoking weed and i feel different, very angry, music doesn't sound as good as it did, food doesn't taste as good, work is worse, conversations bore me. i think i might be addicted and i'm fine with it. i could smoke 24/7

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  • Same here!

  • I always find it funny when people say weed isn't addicting. Anything can become addicting whether you think it's a drug or not. If you constantly consume something you can become addicted to it. Just like if someone drinks soda every day for 3 years and then they can't go without it and it's hard to quit. I have friends that had a hard time quitting weed but they had to for work because some jobs drug test. They said it was hard because they were so used to it. It's hard to give up anything you're accustomed to doing on regular basis.

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