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how could i find out if this person loves me or just lying ? anyone with experience

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  • If you have to question it that's a big indication

  • You can never really know. But usually, if they're not a psychopath - which they probably aren't - they won't go out of their way to make you think they love you. If they sacrifice something for you, again and again - free time, a football match, money, a night out with friends - then it's probably love. If they just make time for you when it's convenient for them, if they don't seem to care how you feel, e.g. when they get mad if you don't want sex because you feel like you're getting sick or if they don't beg you to come to the party with you to show you to all their friends, then it's not love. Probably. But in the end, everyone is dofferent. It shouldn't be a question for you if they love you. You should ask yourself if they make you happy. I've been in a relationship with someone who made me happy, so I'm not even regretting that they didn't love me - they were a he and he was gay. He didn't know. There was no love, only friendship, but I don't care. He was wonderful to me. Meanwhile, a past boyfriend of mine was probably pretty much in love with me, but treated me like shit. I regregt that relationship.

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