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I don't get how or why one isn't enough. The other day my brother told everyone that him and his wife of 3 years were getting a divorce. Turns out he's been cheating on her and tbh im heartbroken. Not saying I don't love my brother but he's not my favorite person. He's always had asshole tendencies but most of the family thought he finally grew up. He's cheated before, he got some rando girl pregnant when he was with someone else. He's ghosted on girls before and like i said, he's not my favorite person. His wife is awesome, the whole family loves her. Not understanding what she saw in him but he did change for the better for a bit. He stopped going out as much, he became a better father for his kid, he stopped using cigarettes and toned down the weed smoking so over the years we all saw a very noticeable change in his behavior. From what I saw and based on conversations with her he seemed to treat her right. Idk how many times he's cheated on her or how long he's been cheating cuz he's not talking to anyone since breaking the news and last week was the first time she's found out. My family has dealt with a lot of shit from many people but this is the 1st divorce. I feel like everyone is on her side and backing her and i hope she keeps contact because I really like her. I've enjoyed the time ive spent with her going shopping, watching movies, doing each other's make up for fun so that sucks. To be completely honest id rather keep her around and cut my brother other. Im really pissed at him for doing this to her because she really is a sweet person and handled all of his bullshit and baggage like a pro. This is just an all around crappy situation for everyone. Im so glad it's the weekend

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  • You should start fucking her. Sounds like to me you want to get in her pants. Write back when that's complete.

  • Your brother sounds like an immature jerk. His soon to be ex-wife deserves better.

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