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I officially got accepted in my dream school to get my Abitur after having to drop out for 2 years because of sickness. I was even listed on their website as a student. I was so happy, I told everyone. Yesterday, they kicked me out again because I'm 20, since the recommended age for starting the educational program I was accepted in is 20 and the headmistress thinks I'm too old for that. I don't get how being the recommended age is too old, but I met that lady before and talked to her before I knew she was going to be my headmistress, and we talked about her daughter who had the same exact thing as me, and how I wanted to finish school. She told me that was a great idea and anyone would be happy to have me. Bitch even praised me for being so good at my job and all that. She better prepare for a damn unpleasant conversation, because I'm not giving up so easily. It's about the principle now.

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  • Well, thy have rules for a reason.

  • Congrats! Hope all goes great for you☺️

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