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I have a friend who is at first my rival. She is the girl my old crush used to like. We know each other through mutual friend but I wasn't really interested to get to know her more cause I felt hurt whenever I saw her at that time. But she suddenly move to the same dorm as me, right beside my room. I get over my old crush, turned out that guy is kind of jerk, she got hurted too. We found many similarities, we've been best friend for 4 years that people even think we are twin sister, we are so close that we don't even need words to understand each other. Now we are going to graduate university soon, moving on with our life, but I just can't imagine my live without her. Just wanna share my story cause this is the first time I felt so connected with a friend. I used to be an individual person who never get too attached. oh and we don't even share a same religion, one of us is christian and the other one is muslim. But afterall friendships goes past religion or race.

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  • Aww that's awesome! Hope y'all stay friends for a very long time.

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