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I think I have depersonalisation or derealisation disorder. I haven't had any traumas like death of a loved one, I haven't been in a serious accident (two years ago I broke some joints and had a surgery) and, except the few times my parents hit me when I was really young which doesn't look count, I haven't been abused. Though my mom has had depression since I was little and when I was about 8yo she had a severe episode and was hospitalised, though I don't remember it. I feel really disconnected from reality, many times I forget people are real and there are times feel everything is not real. I sometimes think about a person I'm close to or look at them and just think "damn do I really know anything about them? What are they like? Do I really know them, who they are?" and I get a really bad feeling, it's kinda like a mixture of anxiety and embarrassment. That's only happened to me with people I really know, like my best friends and my parents (happened today with my dad). I forget people are real many times, it's like being a character in a fame and having NPCs around you (I'm not a gamer BTW, my best friend is). I was with my girlfriend one time, we were talking and I realised "oh shit. She's real. She's a person, a real person, who is alive and has their own thought and feelings" and I kinda panicked. I'm not sure what to do, I'm only 17. My cousin, who's like a brother, studies psychology but I don't want to tell him anything because this all might be shite and I'm afraid he'll think I'm lying

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  • Do you sleep enough? I've been in a similar situation, which was mostly due to the fact that I almost didn't sleep at all for a prolonged period of time. Furthermore, it's quite normal to suddenly be hit by the realisation that the people around you are actual people with their own lives and feelings, which can be quite overwhelming when it happens. However, when you start feeling everything around you isn't real, that might be more of a problem. It's worth to get it looked at, I'd say, if it isn't just caused by a lack of sleep. Even if it turns out that it isn't anything serious, it's good to know for sure.

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