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You know that nervous feeling you get when you're about to present something in front of the class? Sometimes, I feel that feeling for no reason. I feel like that when I'm in my bed reading a book, when I'm outside walking around, when I'm eating, but I don't understand why. Could it be anxiety? These feelings are not so bad that I would call them anxiety attacks or panic attacks, but they do make me feel pretty nervous and sometimes my heart starts racing and my breathing gets shallow.

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  • Oh god, that happens to me, too. I, however, noticed that it's never without reason. It's because I have an event coming up - sometimes weeks ahead - that I'm afraid of, or because someone told me something bad about myself 3 weeks ago, and I just remembered it 3 hours ago, and it's like the unconscious part of my mind is thinking about everything that makes me feel bad or afraid all the time and then it tells my conscious mind that it's time to worry.

  • Sounds like mild panic attacks....see a doctor.

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