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I honestly don't understand how or why my boyfriend stands to listen to random people talk on Xbox. It's just annoying people talking shit. One night there were a couple kids in there (like 14 years old or younger). All they did was say the n word and random cuss words on repeat. Sorry children, you may think you look badass and cool because you can say fuck, shit, and n****r, but you're not. You just sound stupid. If I played call of duty, I would just mute everyone instantly. I don't want to listen to Trump followers talk shit. I don't want to listen to preteens being stupid. I don't want to hear some random dude having a one sided conversation with the audience he's streaming to. I'd want to play the damn game. If I wanted to be annoyed by strangers, I'd go out somewhere.

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  • Looks like someone doesn't know how the Internet works and really you can't bring yourself to type the word nigger in a anonymous web app. That is really sad in a way

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