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I used to get stomach aches every morning when I came to work. Every single morning. Nausea, stomach cramps, headache, feeling feverish. I would leave for work early so I'd have more than enough time to sit on the toilet, shit my brains out, and mentally prepare for the day. I thought it was some kind of social anxiety acting up. And it might be partly that. But since my schedule switched to evenings, I have more than enough time to eat breakfast (which I had been skipping most days) and mentally prepare myself. And I also moved desks. A training class took over half of the area my team works in so I had to move sections. And I like it better. I don't know how or why. I think I just like being somewhat isolated. There are people around me, but they're on different teams and with different work software. It's nice to have people around me, but I'm at least mentally separated from them.

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  • Sounds like anxiety attacks.

  • Stop swallowing loads of cum at night. Might help 😬

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