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I am mute. I have been for three years. I can't talk at all, I can whisper a little but even that takes tremendous effort. I usually get by with writing notes or texting, but doing that is more complicated than you'd expect. The people I try to communicate with always respond to my texts with a text, and my notes with other notes, which is annoying because I'm mute but I'm not deaf. If they can talk to me they should talk to me instead of mimicking my methods of communication. Being a sophomore in high school as a mute is awful, I'm always getting into trouble with substitutes and teachers I don't know for not replying to them. I try to gesture to them with my hands that I can't talk but they look at me like they think I'm joking. It's no joke. And plus, I get bullied now and then for not being able to talk. I'm also gay. And I have a boyfriend who I love very much. He and I are learning sign language together so we can communicate with each other more efficiently and I love him so much for that. It almost makes me want to cry when I think of how much effort he's putting into it just so he and I can communicate. Sometimes it makes me wonder, if I wasn't mute, would he and I still have ended up together? Either way, I'm so lucky to have found him.

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  • so you are a mime?

  • please don't be offened I am just curious... why aren't you able to talk

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