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What's it called where you never used your normal, relaxed, real voice to speak or communicate in any way as a kid? It's like a form of being a mute, I'd say... I began forcing myself to speak with my real voice later in highschool, it was tough. It made me feel naked in a sense. Vulnerable. Uncomfortable. I was the same with my emotions. I acted as silly as I spoke, when inside I was just as lonely, lost and emotional as anyone else. But they all thought I was a robot. Emotionless. A clown. I'm pretty real about who I am now. I'm an asshole and I'm broken and miserable. Sometimes I get pleasantly distracted of course, but in general, I'm very disappointed in existence.

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  • It takes time to see life get better. Honestly...I think people have cycles of great things to happen to them. Keep living and...check out your Biorhythmn...that might help too.

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