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I feel like I have failed in so much. I'm 26 and probably going to be 27 when I will get my master degree. I know that I am one of the least smart people in my master degree as well. Besides everyone in my country gets their master degree by the age of 22/23. This is especially bad because I'm a girl. I hope I will get hired in the future what if people take a look at my C.V and think 'how can we hire her if she is such a failure'. I feel like an disappointment and cost my parents so much money which stresses me out even more.

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  • At least you're getting your degree. I am in my second semester for Bachelor, and I am already failing to the point where I have to drop out.

  • Isn't that the normal age?? You can study until you're over 30. Most countries graduate high school when they are 18 and guys usually have military training or not. 4 years for a bachelor degree and 2 years for a master. If you took a break and did a gap year. 27 is totally fine and average. Only some countries have like 3 years bachelor programs and graduate high school so super early when they are 16. In the end qualifications say nothing much. Companies avoid hiring young people as they still lack the motivation and seriousness to work hard. Don't put yourself down.

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