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I love a guy so much and I know that he loves me back, although he has already replaced me. I heard him saying to a friend that he still loves me and since I heard that it messed up my whole way of thinking. I've never lost a tear for a man and now I cry rivers. I don't know how to deal with that situation. I just want to forget everything and run. What can I do to distract myself? I've tired going out and drinking, but it only stops the pain temporarily.. we are so over like for real, he still wants to be with that girl (although he claims that he loves me). I've become a smoker, I can't stand the pain of a broken heart. I never want to love again.. I've such a headache right now and my insomnia is torturing me. Just make it stop, I can't deal with this agony.

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  • Time for you and I to start dating.

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