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I hate women I've encountered saying men are all the same. Just because you've encountered a few guys that happened to be an asshole that's not my fault. I am not an asshole, don't blame me for someone elses mistake. Whatever those men done to you got nothing to do with me. Don't automatically assume type of man I am, don't judge me upon what you've apparently seen. I am sick and tired of hearing women saying these things. Enough with your bullshit, women can be assholes as well.

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  • just ask them a simple question then... "Did you tried them all? apparently I've missed something"(or not.. depends on the woman you are talking too)

  • Time to post a personal ad, to give a clear description of yourself, likes and dislikes. That way you can have the women search for you. Most women who search, their guard isn't up so high. It seems like that is what you are running into. Where are you finding women to date? Is it through work, mutual friends, or public locations, i.e bars, clubs, parties or concerts?

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