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The only regret about moving to study in the US is the health care cost. I miss home where I could get treated for almost nothing, a year in the US, my braces broke, I can't afford to replace them, my tooth hurt like hell. And last week I discovered a lump on my breast. I looked up mammograms costs and it's freaking 350 dollars!!! I might just drop my finals and go back home. But again I left my job there to pursue my dream field of studies here. And it would be embarrassing to go back with my tail between my legs without my masters degree. Also plane tickets are so pricy.

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  • its not health care cost. BC when you were in your home country you didn't get those disease did you? So that's the problem, America makes you sick.

  • Finals aren't that long anymore? :) you can do it! don't give up now you are so close!. After that go home and live a better and healthier life :) but then again health is super important! hope you will feel better

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