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I may have been a rude friend to you but I did say those things because I thought that is how supposedly a friend should be.Being honest of what I think in that situation. I did told you all my issues and concerns about the situation. Sorry but maybe everything I said was not that very good and maybe you do not know that I hate to be a hypocrite. But I told you those because I am disturbed by the fact that you are changing because of him. I did not meant to offend you (which clearly I did because of by sharp tongue). Honestly, now that I said those things I was expecting some feedback. Like explanation why you acted that way. Why seemingly you are changing. Because I want to understand you more. That maybe I am just being judgmental and all. You can just say that to my face that I am wrong and that maybe I am overthinking things too much again... You are one of my special friends and I also want some honesty from you. I cannot say these anymore to you because you are slowly closing your doors. But because of what happened I realized that even though you thought you are very close with a person (be honest and all), you should still be mindful of his/her feelings of the things you will say. Don't worry from now on I will be more mindful of my actions and words I spout.

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  • Tell this to your friend. If there's anything you should be honest about, it's this.

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