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So my friend has told me that when he was in middle school he did this one thing that still makes him crack up to this day for some reason and here's how he told it to me: So the coach at this Middle School has snacks and gatorades for sale before and after PE and I was lucky enough to be a student aid for that class. Man I'll never forget how I scammed the coach. Alright so I wanted snacks and stuff but I didn't have enough money, so here's what I did. I had one quarter. Coach always puts his money out in the open and never pays attention to it so at the end of the period it's a whole stack of bills and coins. All I did was say "Aye coach ima buy somethin" and he said "alright" without even looking up from his phone and I smacked the quarter with the other quarters in the pile and it made the "cshhh!" Sound so that it made it sound like I put in a lot of coins and I ended up walking home with a backpack full of snacks and drinks that day. Jeez I finessed him so hard.

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  • That's shitty. He was nice enough to sell them snacks and drinks, and that asshole took advantage... Smh. This is why we can't have nice things

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