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Theres a guy i like and i think he likes me too. Sometimes i get ahead of myself or misread situations so i could be over evaluating everything but im afraid he's gonna ask me out. He's sexy af and he's cool and all but i have a lot of insecurities and i dont want him to see that. It's always hard for me because on the outside i look confident and i know im attractive but on the inside im one big hot mess train wreck full of anxiety. Everytime we've talked it's been short and sweet. I don't know if my brain or body can function properly long enough to have a full conversation

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  • Start by saying 'hello' 'hi' 'goodmorning'... or any nice greeting when you see him. Only greet him the one time daily or just once during the day that you see him. If he wants to talk to you he will start up a conversation. If not, no need to put all of your eggs in one basket. There are other fine men out there. Go get'em, Honey! :)

  • The best way to deal with any insecurity is to speak about it. Inform him about this. Tell him what you just wrote (at least tje part with the insecurities).

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