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QUESTION FOR THE MEN ON CONFESSTER: I started dating a guy 3 weeks ago, and we have had a good amount of sex during the weekends when we were able to meet. I had planned a meeting with a gynecologist for safer prevention next week. We were careful when using condoms, but you never know, and now I might actually be pregnant. I know he definitely doesn't want kids now, and it's not good timing for me either. I live in an accepting country, so all you anti-Abortionists don't come with "slut" or "kill an unborn child", judging me for having premarital sex and whatnot. I would however love to hear from other guys if you would like to know? I will probably abort if it turns out that I am in fact pregnant, but 'm just not sure whether he should know.

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  • I'm a man and as far as I know, its my baby too, if so, its my right to know and decides what's comes next.

  • *but

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