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I'm so sarcastic that I come off as a bitch sometimes, and only with people I love or want to be friends with. I make some smartass comments and feel so bad later. I guess it's a form of defense since I don't want to get attached to anyone... I know many people will judge me, and they have every right to, but I really want to stop it, I just don't know how.

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  • since you're only that way with the people who are close to you try to reverse the process by being sarcastic to acquaintances and nice to your loved ones. I was always a people pleaser when I was younger so the thought of being bold to a complete stranger was terrifying but honestly ask yourself with whom does your loyalty lie? also it's okay to be honest so long as you understand the outcome and how words are very powerful. words can damage but it looks like you are the one who might be in need of healing. I hope this helps you. hugs

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