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There's this new kid in one of my classes that I'm kind of interested in. I don't know anything about him to be honest. I don't know his name or what his voice sounds like but just from seeing the way he holds himself he intrigues me. He doesn't seem to be very popular from what I can tell. He doesn't seem to talk much either. He seems kind of cold but at the same time he seems like a nice guy. He's kind of introverted in a cute kind of way. I want to talk to him but I don't know how. I'm scared he's out of my league. I mean he's not one of those super hot fuck me daddy kind of guys, he's attractive in quiet kind of way. Like the kind of attractive that you wouldn't notice at first glance but once you got a better look you'd see it. I wouldn't say I'm ugly. Sometimes I feel pretty but majority of the time I feel pretty bad about my appearance. I don't sit near him or anything so I can't think of a natural way to approach him without making it obvious that I'm going out of my way. Should I just smile at him? Say good morning when I see him? I don't know! Help!

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  • Just go introduce yourself

  • don't look thirsty just kinda bump into him

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