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To any girls/women on here who have had an abortion (and don't regret it), what's one thing you wish people would understand?

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  • I've had so many abortions I have a punch card at the clinic. No really if you want and abortion then have at it. We don't need more welfare kids running around the word. That's why I abort.

  • I don't really WISH people would understand about it bc there's a lot of other things about me that I'd rather people understand as they affect my life far more than some random persons disapproval of an abortion. But I do THINK that people for others sake should understand that it's a selfless decision in the end bc people shouldn't have kids when they just don't feel ready. It's a lifetime commitment and adoption isn't always viable bc it puts the child at risk for an unhappy life. While in some cases it was very careless to cause pregnancy even then it's a selfless act to terminate bc they are realizing they're not fit to be a mother.

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