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I grew up thinking I was awesome (because of compliments from friends and family). Long lashes, nice brown, thick hair, nice ass and perky boobs, pretty face. But over the last few years, I started to realize more and more that nothing of this is true. My lashes are actually short and stumpy, my hair has the color of mud, my ass is flat and my boobs ARE perky, but my nipples look weird. And my face... oh gosh, my nose looks so awful from any angle than from the front, you can't even concentrate on my different sized eyes. I am completely devastated. Growing up thinking I was attractive, I didn't have time to learn to deal with not being.

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  • Let me tell you this: all of this is true. We all had to deal with this issue at some point in our lives. And if you haven't dealt with it yet.. you're not yet in that stage of your life yet. Anyway, thing is you are more realistic now. Yes, your hair maybe looks like mud, and no you arnt the smartest kidd that ever walked the earth. Maybe you cant even draw half as good as your parents always told you. And you have a weird nose and funny eyes, but you know what? you are UNIQUE. You are you. And one day someone will love you for all your "flaws" because they don't see it like that. But this can only happen if you change your mind set. Tell yourself over and over again that you are a good person at heart and that you will not let anybody get you down because you're perfect just as you are. And if someone acts in a negative way, cut them out your life. You don't need negativity surrounding your fabulous you.

  • So? Dye your hair the color you want. Enjoy your superior perky chest, carry yourself with confidence.

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