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Existence is disappointing. Life sucks. And if you're going to comment something like, "You're such a fucking downer," fuck you. Don't try to be optimistic either. Pity is also bullshit, you know you don't truly care. Just be like, "Feel you☝"

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  • I feel the same as you a lot. I was diagnosed with depression over 10 years ago. Have a long list of regrets so I hate my life. Also certain things about life in general suck. But I know that life is an adventure and once you get to where you need it will all be worth it in the end. Its just getting there thats always the problem but do you read the last page of a storybook BC you want to get to the happy ending or do you read it from beginning to end? I know for me its hard to think of life as a book but I try to see it as an interactive book

  • go die already and give me your expensive or cool stuff.

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