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We live outside of the town and since we moved here, we had cats. Lots of them. Stray cats that we fed and most of them lived outside the house, the other 2 are drifters. We had about ten of them and we couldn't keep on feeding them all, so yesterday my dad and I caught 6 of those who live here, put them in a sac, drove away and left them far from where we live, in a place with lots of houses. We kept two cats, my mom's, the mother and mine,her grandson. Now the mom keeps meowing and looking for the other cats and I feel bad.. I mean, the cats were old, the smallest were almost 1yo but still... I had to choose between my two cats, the daughter of my mom's cat and her son. I chose the son. I miss her 😖

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  • We didn't leave them in the bloody sac ffs we're not monsters. We put them in the sac, took them in a place away from (there are people who live there) where we live and we opened the sac and left them there.

  • you left them in a sack on the side of the road somewhere? that's messed up. if you don't want them take them to an animal shelter.

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