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I don't understand why self diagnosing mental disorders is so frowned upon. If you have problems living your life, and then google your symptoms, and notice they fit into a disorder category, what's bad about coming to the conclusion that you have it? If you fall on your arm and then it hurts and bends in strange directions, you can be pretty sure it's broken - and everyone believes you when you say you have a problem. Why is it not valid if I say I have depression if I'm sad 24/7? Why do people think that everyone who self diagnoses, is an attention whore?

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  • because its a serious health issue..... You wouldn't self diagnose something like cancer Ms etc. Depression is a health issue just the same and it needs supervision just the same. Not only that just because you feel you have depression doesn't mean you you there are a lot of reason why you could feel that way for 7 years everyone thought I had depression turns out I had situational depression which is much different. Just because it's "mental health" doesn't mean anyone is capable of knowing exactly what is wrong with them. Health professionals are the only ones that can tell you this.

  • You should see a specialist. Some symptoms are in more than one sickness.

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