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2 people on my facebook posted pictures with the same guy there dating. I checked an the 2 girls aren't friends on fb but both are on the guys fb. I know one of them but idk if i should say something or just let it go and mind my business. I don't know the guy at all and im not super close with either girl. Idk what do to. I don't want to seem nosey but the only reason i noticed is because I remember the guy from my news feed a few days ago and I went back and realized it's because both girls are in a relationship and taking pictures with him 😂

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  • I have been cheated on by my husband twice... (I tried to forgive him but he never changed) his family knew both times and a few of my friends on Facebook that had both he and I on it. No one told me. I deleted 96 people that new and didn't tell me . It's hard to say if they will be ok with you telling or angry with you but it's really better that you tell. It's up to them if they believe you or not.

  • Tell the girls. They need to know.

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