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Real rich people don't brag online. I don't know what delusional world some of these people are living in. Rich people do not have time to be on twitter, facebook, instagram, youtube, yahoo answers, reddit, Tumblr and whatever other websites are out there. Unless you won millions in the lottery or a lawsuit against a major corporation and didn't have to earn your money, the last place you'd be is on youtube watching car videos and commenting about how you bought 3 of them because you couldn't decide which color you wanted. Im not rich by any means but i know rich people and they're usually down to earth and blend in with everyone else until you see they drive a Ferrari or live in a 2 million dollar house. Other than famous people who always show off I've never seen a normal non famous rich person on yahoo answers or youtube bragging and if the users of yahoo answers and youtube is your target audience that you want to impress I REALLY don't believe you're rich. I was on IG and someone commented on a picture of a lambo that he had bought 2 of them because his Ferrari wasn't fast enough. I clicked on this guys profile cuz I wanted to see what Ferrari he had and this guy works at fucking TARGET as a cashier and had 1 picture of a Ferrari with a plate from a completely different state than what he lived in and i could see the reflection on the car and it was not him taking the picture 😂😂😂 #NoFrauds

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  • thank you sir for saying because I've been seeing the same thing like you said on IG

  • by no means an I rich but my father is definitely well off, I no longer post pictures of what I have worked my ass off to get. I am sick and tired of People telling me I have no idea how to earn what I have because I live off my daddy's money. My dad wouldn't give me a nickel if it meant it keep me and my 3 kids off the streets. I work my ass off for the little I have and I am proud of it. I know rich people too that have no issues bragging about what they have and love to flaunt it because they earned it. It all depends on what type of person they are.

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