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I'm a girl. I was talking with some other girls in my class (both in a relationship) and they were saying that they just have to fight with their boyfriends at least once a day. One of them (she's with a guy for over a year) said she feels there's something wrong if it's been a week and she and her bf haven't had a fight. What the fuck. Now I understand the guys, I thought you were overreacting. I'm in a relationship with another girl for 6 months and we're not like that. We haven't had any fights at all in the almost 3 years we know each other and I'd be devastated if we ever fought, I wouldn't fucking enjoy it. What kind of stupid people are there? Why do the guys put up with that shit? I'm not saying they should be like in the 50's, not letting the women speak and having them as their slaves. But a couple should be able to communicate. If there's anyone that's in such a relationship, please tell me what you think of your partner's temperament and why you put up with them

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  • 'why do guys put up with that shit?' why do you automatically assume it's the women starting the fights?

  • My boyfriend and I bicker over things, but we rarely get into actual arguments. Even when we do, we only stay mad for a few hours and make up that same day. While we both enjoy debating, we don't like fighting with each other. We're trying to work it out and learn how to not fight over stupid things.

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