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Had plans to meet this guy today. We've been seeing each other for kinda 3 weeks now, when we have time. We always have a lot of fun together, sex is good, we click. Was stood up. Supposed to meet him at 3.15, waited for him to answer my text "are you coming?" and then left after 45 min of strolling through the nearby shopping centre. What do you guys think? He said he's been sorta depressed lately, or dealing with something, which is why he wanted me to drag him out of his apartment today. I don't know what I want myself, not sure if we are good in an official relationship. Mabe some other men out there have an opinion on this? :)

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  • Well, turns out he overslept, as he couldnt' sleep much tonight... He was very sorry, and now Im making pancakes waiting for him to come to my place ;) don't overreact people, but notice red flags. This time it was just a yellow flag :* OP

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