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That annoying thing some people keep doing to me: Annoying person: Omg you won't believe what happened! A customer walked in and after talking with them I found out they're also from your country/ share your same religion! I got their phone number so you get in touch, omg you'll be best friends!! Me nonchalantly grabs the number trying not to be mean to the annoying person, while in my head I'm thinking: what if I told you just because we have the same religion/ race/ nationality, it doesn't mean we're meant to be friends. I moved here to escape from people from my country, stop introducing me to every single one of them you meet!!!!

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  • Least you're not rude about it. That's a plus. Some people don't care and would be a complete ass over it.

  • I get why that's annoying for you, but I also understand the reason why they do it/why they think it's nice of them. If you're part of a minority, I assume you feel alone sometimes. Most people are parts of some sort of minority - let it be left handers, people with depression, someone who's interested in pottery. Almost everyone knows what it feels like to be different than most others around you, and know how great it is when you finally meet someone who's the same, someone you can talk with in detail about that one thing or just someone who shows you that you're not alone. And most of the time, you're happy when someone helps you finding those people. I am happy when someone at a party tells me ''This is Lisa. Oh, she also likes pottery!'' Then I have someone to chat with about pottery at that party. Or if a friend tells me ''My cousin has depression, too. He's taking meds. Maybe I can give you his number, so you can talk about the meds he's taking and how his support group is working for him''. So, if I see you and see you're a Muslim in a Christian country, I know you must be quite alone. And I want to give you the opportunity that I had when I met Lisa - I want to give you the opportunity to chat with someone who understands things that no non-Muslim can understand.

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