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How are the feminists here. let's put this two stories: 1st case A woman get pregnancy she doesn't want the baby and decides to abortion it, the father is against it and she says. Its my body, my choice. 2nd case a woman get pregnancy and the father doesn't want the baby, she carry the pregnancy for 9 months and keep the baby for her, sues the father to give his name and a monthly income. To compare both cases, HOW COME THERE IS EQUALITY HERE?

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  • There will never be equality until men can also get pregnant also.

  • you DO know that some abusive men FORCE women to stop their birth control or to stop wearing condoms because he can't orgasm or w.e... where's the equality in that... we can talk about any unfair thing and make it seem like one side is worse than the other... the issue is that men and women don't respect one another in 2017

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