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I threw a ratchet at a homeless guy. We were comin home from an outdoor concert and I didn't bring any cash with me but we had a chest with cold waters in it and this homeless guy had a sign that said hot, hungry, thirsty. Need money. I felt bad for him because it was about 100 degrees outside so i offered him some cold water and he took it then asked if i had any spare change or money. I told I didn't bring anything with me and then he threw the bottle at my face and i freaked out because I didn't know if he was gonna try to attack me or if he had a weapon so I grabbed a ratchet from my glovebox and told him back away and he spit at me so i threw it at him sped off and ended up running the red light. That was such a scary situation.

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  • yeah that makes me sometimes got scared of helping homeless people. I would love to take some of them to a dinner together, but there are some homeless who are just so ungrateful like that make me scared to help again

  • homeless people tend to suck and ruin it for all the homeless ones genuinely trying to get back on their feet and do better.

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