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I asked my dad to touch my chest. You see, I got raped last night, and I told him about it. My dad has always had my back and been the best thing in my life so I knew I could trust him and he'd know what to say, but, when I started crying too hard to talk he hugged me. I was mortified; it felt like I was naked and on display all over again. It was so humiliating and they held my armd back so I couldnt cover myself and just stared at me for a while before any of them started to touch. I wanted to die, and it felt like that with my dad so close to me. But it also felt warm and comforting, like my dad. I first started getting scared last night when one of the guys grabbed my wrist really hard. it hurt and I couldn't break free, and there having my dad hold me I felt that pain in my wrist and fear in my stomach and hated myself. I didn't want those boys, who made me call them daddy, just like I call my dad sometimes, to ruin my dad's hold for me. It doesn't really make sense but I wanted my dad to touch my breasts. I just wanted someone other than those boys to have felt them, and to see they can be touched without the world falling apart. At first he resisted but I laid back on my bed and told him to touch me and he hovered his hands over me and waited. When he saw I wasnt going to budge he hovered lower until he was just an inch away. he told me to admit that I was scared and didn't want this from him - and i did, because I was scared. so he stopped. he slept on my floor because I didnt want him to leave but didnt want him to touch me or be too near me. I want my dad to protect me and I trust him more than anyone, but im horrified of him and I hate it.

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  • what ever happened its not your fault you have to keep that in your mind

  • no person deserves to be raped, I hope the people who raped you goes to jail

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