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Every time I notice something that either of my family members gets annoyed from other people and saying what wrong thing they do, I point out that they've done the same thing some time ago or recently and they get mad at me. I've gotten better to not immediately fly off the handle so I calmly reassure them that I'm not trying to say that they themselves are not bad people, but they've commited the same thing. They get mad, rinse repeat until I actually have to yell it at them for them to actually listen to me. So, the only way I can get my family to listen to me is if I yell at them and get angry. Because that's all they respond to. Then they forget and the whole process renews itself. gdi

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  • Nobody wants to be called out in front of people. And nobody wants to admit that they're wrong. The only way for a person to realize they're wrong is usually of they come to the conclusion themselves or if nobody else knows about it. So, when you're telling them this, it's better if you two are alone. And try to not sound superior, like ''yeah bitch you did the same'' (I don't think you say those words, but even if you use polite words, the tone you say them in can make them sound like what I just wrote). Try to make them think they're realizing that they did the same thing. So for example, if they complain about someone spitting on the street, say ''have you never done this? A week ago? Or do I remeber that wrongly'' Or say it jokingly like you're not expecting an answer and change topic quickly after that. Or if they complain about someone gossiping, say ''well, but that's what we're doing right now, guess we aren't angels too''. See what i did here? Saying we did this, not you. Even if it's a lie. Say that you spat on a street once. Make them feel less like you're trying to be superior, make them feel equal or superior, that way they will accept advice better.

  • Well, I messed up at "not bad people" part. Wish confesster would let me edit since I can see it in "my confessions"

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