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I feel like my mother is being extremely possessive. She likes me to constantly text her whenever I go out. She wants me to text every single thing I am doing. If I dont l, she would really get mad and start to talk about how hard being a mother is. I understand it is hard to be a mother and I also do understand and appreciate all the sacrifices she has done for us. I know that she doesnt want us to get hurt or to be with wrong people. She wants us to have a good life. But I think her possessiveness is stopping me to live life. I am already 22, my youngest sister is 19 but no one with us has ever been experience going out with friends and have fun. She keeps on telling us that the only friend we are allowed to have is our sister. She judge our friends bases on the people that surrounds them. It is like there is no good person to her except her and her family. I dont know if the annoyance(?) that I feel towards her make sense or what. I am starting to blame her for the loneliness I feel. I always think what if she would allow us at least to see the world. I and my sister are so sheltered by her. Though I appreciate everything she is doing with us. It is just, I hope she would understand that we have our own lives and soon she will be gone in this world. We need to have our own life and our world doesnt only revolves around her. I want to be set free. I want freedom. I want to explore the world and be free with the chain my mother had to me. I wish she could understand how I feel :( Whenever I try to tell it to her she would start to say hurtful words like she always say that I owe her for everything I have in life. That could be true. But I just really wish she knew and understood my feelings.

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  • it's normal. hugs.

  • Where do you live that you think it's okay to still listen to your mother at that age? If my mom tried to put me in a cage like yours does, I would tell her to leave me alone and would move out.

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