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to the US citizens that think Canada is lucky to have Trudeau insted of trump. here's the latest news on Trudeau. he just passed a bill so that rape and woman beating is part of our values. but yes please tell me how bad trump is trying to keep u safe. tell me how sexist he is because he said something stupid 20 freaking years ago, like you've never said anything stupid before. oh and please keep telling me how lucky I am to have a prime minister with nice hair. yup because good hair means ur good at ur job and means ur a good person. at least trump is honest with the laws he's trying to pass. at least he's trying to make the US safer. Trudeau is a sneaky, lying dirtbag. who actually does the things you're so worried trump is gonna do. so please, keep being close minded and ignorant to the fact that the Canadian leader is actually worse than the guy portrayed on the news as Hitler.

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  • still betthee than the fat fake toupee

  • I hate Trudeau after he praised Communist dictator Castro. So many died under Castro.

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