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I hate how I look. I'm ugly. I try and put and get mameup but I'm poor and I suck at putting it in (like how the hell am I supposed to put on eyeliner with my damn shaky hand???) And don't even get me started on my hair. It's always greacy and I try so hard to just man it looks fresh by using all these different products or using only a few. But nothing I try ever works. My face is also so wide. I actually an considering jaw line platic surgery. But I feel wrong about doing it. Again it's also super expensive. The only thing I like about myself is my nose and eye color (my eye lashes are so small). Honestly I'm ugly and I want to change that. but I feel so vain for wanting all these things. I admire pretty girls who can pull off anything. I can barley manage to look decent. But everything is so expensive and if you havent gotten it by I'm poor. my dad is really poor and my mom couldn't give two shits about me. If I could have three wishes I would wish to be pretty. I don't know if that makes me vain but I can't help it when I'm the ugliest person alive.

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  • Many people feel this way when teenagers. You probably are lovely. Don't need make up. Natural beauty. Just the basics, soap & brush teeth.

  • MakeUp can be like a drug. Once you start using it, you - and worse, everyone else - gets used to what you look like with it. And then you have two options - wear it every damn day or don't wear it once and look shittier than people are used to. You might also ruin your skin with it. I think I ruined mine with it, and now I can't stop using it because I get asked if I'm sick whenever I go bare faced. I kind of wished that I had never started putting it on. Because now, I can't stand my make up less face. And the worst is, after a while you get so used to your face with make up, that you feel no beauty difference to when you didn't wear any. I would make an exception for acne or if you have no eyebrows or pale lashes - then it can make sense to use it daily. But what you described doesn't sound like that. And, another thing - as long as you're not using a full professional 20 layers of everything look, it doesn't make that much of a difference - if you're ugly, then you're ugly. May sound harsh, but it's the truth. I don't think you're really ugly, because fee people are, but if you see yourself as ugly, then make up won't change much. You have to change your beauty standard. I don't see what's bad about a wide face, by the way.

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