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Okay so I have a dilemma. I'm a lesbian, right? Let's say that I start dating a bisexual girl, and everything is going smoothly. Then one day she decides that she wants to "try it" with a guy while she's still in a relationship with me. Am I an asshole even if I'm slightly offended? Because I feel like doing that while in a relationship and not taking a break to do so will just end up bad. I'm not the open relationship type of person and that's been worrying me lately.

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  • Cheating is cheating. If you're not into open relationships then you need to let her know that you don't consider that to be okay. Should have told her from the get go how you really feel about that.

  • I noticed a lot of gay girls and guys have that problem with bi people. Sometimes they even avoid dating them cuz of what u explained. But it's just like any other couple- straight cis girl decide she want another man. Except when it's a bi cis girl she has the option of both genders, if ur gf decides she wants a man its just like saying that u are not the one she wants to be with. Not everyone is 50/50 bisexual she could lean more into girls or guys and yes that def can be offending or cause insecurity.

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