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Im really over my narcissistic mother who only cares about herself. At my age I want support. Cheer me on while play my last softball game understand how much school work I have and I'm starting fall behind because of your bitchy attitude. You call me a bitch but you're the adult. Im supposed to look up to you. I asked you for one thing. And you had to say the most negative thing. You said you have things to do when in truth, you could have been proud of me by watching me win my grand final. And you call me the bitch. But you stayed in the car doing nothing. All I can say, I cant wait to move out and never see you again. Because that gold medal means nothing to me, even though I did pretty well. It means nothing because you weren't there enough. You missed so much, I'm on my last straw so think wisely.

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  • I think the big picture is that your mom is dissapointed bc of your lesbianism.

  • stop whining like a little bitch

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