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im 27 and still feel like a child... i missed a huge part of my live while being addicted to videogames, i got fat and isolated myself for over 10years and started last year to go out and stuff... but i dislike it, im too shy and way to closed to find new friends or even a girlfriend.. im still a Virgin never kissed a woman before... i feel like I've missed the most important things in live and i fucking hate myself for that, i lost my weight already... was then fat agai and lost it again.. i was highly intelligent back then.. but now? i even forget what i said just a few minutes ago... im scared of life and what will come.. Im so fucked up by now.. thanks to people and myself, even my best friend fucks me up hard, she doesn't knows it but she does... i just hate me myself and i

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  • Confidence is like a muscle . you have to work it to start seeing a difference. In my case , i was really shy but got a job in tourism and slowly i started coming out of my shell. Now, it feels natural. Don't give up!

  • Don't worry you started when you became aware. 27 is not old to still acomplish and go out there. Let me tell you I know older people that have not experienced much. I think you will have a lot of times you will have to leave your comfort zone to figure out what you want. Maybe you can volunteer, pick up a hobby or join a sport/group. Also a good advice is: ask people questions, people seem to love to talk/ talk about themselves. Intelligence is not about losing it, it is about building the connections in your brain therefore it possible to regain it. going out is not what you have to that is what the youth is ought to do. Experiences are way more broad than that, hikes, learning something new, cycle to a new place, meeting new people, watching a nice documentary, taking a step to help out someone in need, seeing the little things in life and try to appreciate everyday for the smallest things (someone smiled at you etc) can impact your life. The time that you've 'lost' will never be regained but the effort you put in today will be a step further away from what you were.maybe try to document it in a journey/diary. Good luck!

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