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I'm dealing with deppression over my weight. I have very young kids. We're too poor for the gym. I see other women who manage to lose the weight, but I haven't. I tried going to the local pool today, to get some exercises in. It was a disaster. Someone had a pit bull puppy so I couldn't leave my baby's side since it kept running up to her. I just feel trapped & food is my happiness & destresser.

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  • You can set up your own little gym at home. Search it online it's really worth it. For me i already had everything i needed didn't need to buy anything. Set music for motivation and you're good to go. Good luck!

  • can you eat [smaller] portions on smaller plates? that makes it look bigger. No soft drinks, no sauces, no full fat milk, no deep fried foods, cook more yourself so you don't want to eat as much. Drink more water/tea it will fill you up. If you rather eat more, then start to do weightraining, pick up the biggest book/object you own and lift it many times. youtube work out videos and try to do things at home. Get a step counting app, over 10,000 a day and you 're good. Dance in your living room, Walk around with your baby. Try to lift up your legs when you are sitting in a chair or on the sofa and lift them up higher and lower them down. Small changes and still you will get results. Good luck and wish you the best,stay healthy!

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