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He tells me about his girlfriend a lot, especially about their sex life. I got so angry and sad whenever he told me, ''ah she's so good at fucking'' and so guiltily happy when he complained about her being annoying. When he broke up with her, I genuinely felt bad for her, but was still so happy. Now that he told me ''She came to my place yesterday and just sat on me and fucked me, it was so awesome", I feel angry like never before. I cried three times so far. I am starting to cry now. Why is he so sex driven? And why do I have to care?

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  • Sloppy seconds 😉

  • Have you asked him why he tells you about having sex with his girlfriend? He sounds like he is taunting you. Like he enjoys telling you this, wants you to be turned on by this. Do you think he is attracted to you, or wants a woman to suffer because he secretly hates his girlfriend. Just ask him why he tells you.

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