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My sister have gotten rich and have been paying bills and groceries for my parents even though she didn't live with us anymore. She even paid for my parents pilgrimage. I totally respect that, but my brother have been asking her for money every months. He's planning on getting married but he couldn't even save money for his own car and food. He keeps saying if anything goes wrong my sister would be there.. when he says this, he only meant the money. When our parents say things like to never ask money from my sister, he would stop coming back home, said he would elope with his gf and blame my parents for favouring my sister. My sister have been paying his car for the past 6 months. Also, I heard he wants to ask my sister to pay half of the price for his new house. He need to be kick in the head with a table.

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  • very interesting thing to confessing, go to hell

  • What exactly does his fiancé see in him? He sounds like a complete loser. I could never be with someone that depended on everyone else for everything. If he can't afford a house or that car he doesn't need it and he damn sure shouldn't be getting married when he's obviously not financially stable

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