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I want to cut myself and not become a stereotype. Sometimes you need a high to get rid of the pain for awhile, doesnt mean, im emo or what im also being called 'wannabe emo'. Also the music I listen to doesnt make me emo. You dont put labels on me. I choose what I want to be because one day i'll be dressing like a hippie than a scene kid the next.

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  • Well music is proven to boost emotion whether it's good or bad but depression is a different thing it's a reoccurring emotion that is called a disorder

  • Then don't cut yourself. As someone who used to self harm, I can tell you that cutting is fucking stupid. It doesn't help. It makes things worse. Find a healthier way to cope. I found art and music. Don't hurt yourself to relieve pain. It doesn't work, and you know it doesn't.

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