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Okay. I love my boyfriend and he's perfect for me but we meet really young and our relationship is getting really serious. (I'm talking us thinking about getting married) The thing is Half of me wants to go out, have fun, drink, and make out with other guys because I never had time to be crazy because i was always in a committed relationship. I don't want to lose him but I want to do these things before settling down. I told him this before and he told me I can go out and do me but if I come back to him he can't promise things will be the same between us. And I don't want to lose him. So I told him I made my decision and chose him. But I still want to go out and party and make out with other guys before settling down. Idk what to do.

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  • If a girl told me this I would run fast and far.

  • Well...you have a choice. Just know what happens, take full responsibility unapologetically. It could be.the.best choice of your life or the worst mistake you ever made. Maybe someone will read your confession and weigh in if they have experienced what you want to do. Good luck.

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