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Can someone explain to me what white privilege is? That is an actual question, and I don't want to turn this into a political debate or something. I just genuinely want to know what it is supposed to be, and if I have it. Because that would mean I at least HAVE a privilege.

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  • white privilege basically means that white people aren't stereotyped the same way as other races. Because they aren't stereotyped in that negative way they get more opportunities. The word is very exaggerated in my opinion. Some white people seem to think it means they were born rich and get everything handed to them which is not the case. It just means you're less likely to be stereotyped than someone of color.

  • When a black guy and a white guy go in a store and the black guy is watched closer Because they think he may be a theif it is "white Privilege" This name is highly misleading. In the same manner Philippine cops will Whites closer than Asians Because they assume whites use hookers. Arabs will assume Whites are drunks or sluts. Even a white guy in the black neighborhood is assumed to be there to buy weed. Although (just like the black guy) this is statistically more likely. It is still prejudicial and may accuse innocent people. Sadly the assumption it is universal and everyone benefits so hugely has made it a political football for cheap votes by politicians with no real solutions. In reality how well you dress or good you look is a bigger privilege where I live.

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